• Any public holiday, technical problems, customer issues, etc. If the channel partner’s customer documents would be fake then the channel partner has to pay a penalty for that.
  • The Customer loan approval only depends on the customer profile and the company is not giving any guaranty for that.
  • The Company’s authorized person can change any rules and regulations at any time.
  • If the file is unprofessional then there will be an extra charge for that.
  • If any partner will misbehave with the company or customer then the company will cancel their code.
  • The Company will not be providing any CIBIL REPORT or VALUATION REPORT in digital or hard copy to any customer in any situation.
  • The Company will not be providing any proof for rejection in hard or soft copy.
  • The Customer profile will be logged in where his/her file matches as per the customer’s requirement. (Example: If customer requirement is INR 5 lakh and if some bank criteria is up to INR 50,000 then we will not log in their file in that bank. Because customer requirement is INR 5 lakh so we will not apply for below the required criteria.
  • Any type of payment is non-refundable.
  • If any third party will ask us for any details of the loan then the company will not be providing them with any information.
  • If any associate partner will do work against the rules and regulations of our company then the company will cancel their code.
  • If any bank’s rules are changing during the processing time of the loan then we have to follow those new rules.
  • Log in department decision is final for the loan process so the customer would not be able to argue with our company.
  • The Company will not give any reason for online loan rejection.
  • The Company will not take any responsibility for any fake commitments given by any associate partners.

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